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Jonnie Malachi

He thinks he may be the world's only Yemenite-Antiguan. He’s got a History degree at Leeds Uni, and founded a student magazine whilst there, resulting in his being shortlisted for the 'Times Student Entrepreneur of the Year.’

After Uni, Jonnie became an Advertising creative for 4 months before the excitement of production took hold. After 3 months running at a small production company, he directed his first music video - realising on-set this would be his life’s passion. HIs first video was selected as ‘Promo of the Month’ in PROMO magazine.

40 music vids & over 70 million YouTube hits later, Jonnie wrote & directed his first feature, and not long after started shooting commercials.

Jonnie loves ALL types of comedy.

Styling, colour palettes, lighting, lenses - the craft of filmmaking - is incredibly important to him, but performance is the beating heart of his work. The excitement of casting & 'finding that magic' is everything.

He wants his work to be joyous & memorable. He believes his job is to build collaborative relationships in pre-prod, so he can create an on-set environment of clarity, trust, openness and fun - giving freedom to capture magical moments bursting with energy & life. If he’s the silliest person on set, he’s doing it right...

Jonnie has three kids, one wife and thinks he looks like a terrorist in passport photos.