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Josh Sondock

After a brief stint as a baby, Sondock began producing and directing. His illustrious career started at age 9 when he and his brother, Jason, created their own version of the MTV show, Jackass. Josh was the director and primary stuntman. After slowly discovering that films could engender feelings far more meaningful than nausea, he turned filmmaking into his profession.

With an efficacious background as a 5-times-Vimeo-staff-pick-winning producer, Sondock has made content for brands such as  BMW, Calvin Klein, Pantene, Zara, Amazon & Unicef as well as videos for artists such as Bad Bunny, The Strokes, Glass Animals & A$AP Rocky.

Sondock’s award-winning directing portfolio contains commercial work for clients such as Golden Goose, Knickerbocker MFG. & Next Gen alongside music films for artists including Ashe, Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler, QUINN XCII, Nick Leng, Gavin Turek, Orion Sun & many more. 

His work has received critical acclaim, thumbs-ups, and thumbs-sideways from booooooom, Director’s Library, Director’s Notes, Berlin Commercial Awards, Sarasota Film Fest, Lower East Side Film Fest y más.

Josh loves writing, planning & executing ambitious ideas in efficient ways.

He still does his own stunts.