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    Protect What Matters To You Most

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    Escalator Rage


Robbie Samuels

We could tell you that Robbie is from London or that he went to art college and film school. Perhaps we could tell you that he’s a multi-award-winning director and published author. All of that is true. He lives and breathes cinema and story arcs. His dreams have rewind, pause, play and fast-forward buttons. Storytelling for him is not just a profession. It’s his passion.

He’s made many commercials and content films for brands. His short ‘Hip Hop Cafe’, was widely celebrated by the Hip Hop community and its artists. His success in commercial work is in making sure that his client, the actors and contributors feel that they can talk to him with ease and he translates their needs into moving images. 

He’s a huge fan of bouncing a ball and chucking it in a hoop, otherwise known as basketball, and when he’s not watching the Lakers or cycling trails, he’ll probably be writing, cooking up a tall tale about an ordinary person on an extraordinary adventure.