I Am Hormonal



Director Liz Unna worked with creative and content agency Be The Fox to create a campaign for Hertility, a women’s health company built by women, for women, setting a new standard of education in female health, to create a beautifully and mesmerically choreographed (Lynne Page) film.

Liz Unna: "This project is so close to my heart, created by an incredible group of women on a shoestring budget. I have been wanting to make a shorter cut for a while now, and am beyond thrilled with this new fresh edit, which Kode helped me pull off."

The film portrays a sense of intensity, intimacy and strength so well, and to retain that, but in a single minute is really quite something.


Project title
I Am Hormonal

Liz Unna (Directior)

Lynne Page (Choreographer)

Self Esteem (Music)

Diana Ellis-Hill (Executive Producer)

Laura Richards (Producer)

Carmen Pellon Brussosa (DOP)

Bud Gallimore (Movie Op)

Joe Edwards (Focus Puller)

Laura Aguilera (1st AC)

Daisy JT Smith (1st AD)

Ed Chambers (Post Producer)

Akhil Kanukuntla (Editor)

Trak Ellis-Hill (Co Writer)

Jax Harney (Colourist)

Harry Butcher (Sound Designer)

Sarah Cherry (MUA)

Andrea Allen (Stylist)