OVO Energy Campaign Celebrates the Positive Power of the Weather

3rd June 2021

OVO Energy Campaign Celebrates the Positive Power of the Weather

OVO Energy, the UK’s largest independent energy supplier, has launched a new ATL campaign that embraces the power of the weather and its potential to help in cleaning up our home energy use. The Great British weather may be unpredictable, it may be unreliable, but it’s one of the most obvious answers we have to meeting the climate crisis head on. 

OVO’s latest integrated campaign invites us to reconsider our relationship with it.

The average Brit spends four months of their lives talking about it. It’s a national obsession. It’s wet when we want it to be dry. Cold when we want it to be warm. And when it’s hot, it’s too hot. It’s imperfect weather, but it’s our weather. And it can fuel many more areas of our lives than just small talk. 

Conceived by creative company 20something, and directed by Pete Banks at Kode Media, the integrated campaign cements the intrinsic link that OVO makes between the weather and green home energy, by harnessing our natural elements. Whilst the work presents a serious point about the future of our energy supply, it does so with optimism, a knowing wit, and all the charm and relatability of everyday British lives.  

Kayley Cracknell, OVO Energy’s lead brand marketing manager said: “This year, more than ever, we’re very aware of our changeable, glorious, Great British weather - and although we all love to talk about it every single day, what we don’t talk about is how powerful it truly is! We want to remind the British public of the magnificent power of the weather in helping to create a greener, cleaner future for us all.” 

Elliott Starr, senior copywriter at 20something adds: "British Weather - we do love a good natter about it. From what I've observed, the older we get, the more we talk about it, the more we moan about it, and the more it guides whether we pop to the shops, or not. Hate is a strong word. But in the UK, we certainly have a 'love/ constantly disappointed by' relationship with the weather. Baked into this light-hearted insight is a powerful fact: on average, in the UK, 26% of our carbon footprint comes from our home energy. We can start reducing that by switching to a renewable energy provider. But what provides the renewable energy provider with their energy? The weather."